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Click! Design That Fits

Do you guys know our pals John and Frances?  They are the fine folks behind Click! Design That Fits.  If you haven’t yet had the pleasure, Click! is an amazing shop where you can expect to find thoughtfully designed adornments for yourself and your home.  Our very own Chef Hajime Sato has an especially hard time leaving there empty-handed.  Not that we blame him.

As this Thursday, November 10th, is the second Thursday of the month, it is West Seattle Art Walk time!  Art Walk is an excellent time to check out Click! as they will be open until 9:00pm.  And hey, how often do you have something really fun to do on a random Thursday night?  The Junction is cool like that.

Let us tempt you further:  Join us at Mashiko for some delectable sustainable sushi this Thursday.  Show us your receipt for a purchase made at Click! during this Art Walk, and we will bring you a complimentary order of edamame.  That’s right, you will be rewarded with a yummy appetizer just for purchasing cool stuff.  There will be $1 off select beer and saké as well.  See you tomorrow!

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West Seattle Food Bank

Some of you may already know that we are big supporters of the West Seattle Food Bank.  Along with providing groceries, the West Seattle Food Bank also provides a variety of infant and toddler supplies, pet food, personal hygiene items, books, gardening information and supplies, voter registration services, and referrals to other social services.  Whew!  That is a whole lot of good that is being done for our community!

We understand that times are especially tight for many right now.  Being able to donate time or money may not be an option for some.  But we have great news!  There is an alternate way to support the West Seattle Food Bank.  We were delighted to read this blurb in their latest newsletter:

“Your receipts from Metropolitan Market and West Seattle Thriftway can be turned into cash.  Send us your receipts and we will then submit them to these stores for a 1% donation of the pretax total.”

Holy smokes!  Just think of how quickly that would add up if we could get all of the shoppers of these fine supermarkets to just mail in their receipts.  The moment it takes to address an envelope can add up to so much more.  Please participate if you can.  Better yet, encourage your neighbors to do so, too!

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Sustainable Seafood Goes Big

We’re guessing by now that you all know our good pal Casson Trenor.  Some might call him a hard worker, some might call him stubborn.  Hajime calls him all kinds of things.  We call his latest accomplishment with Greenpeace tenaciously wonderful.

So, after eight long months of constant badgering, Costco has finally agreed to drastically change their seafood policies, with great strides towards carrying only sustainable seafood.  Please do read about it here, or be lazy and just watch the short video.  It’s about time that the big guys are catching up to what West Seattle cares about.  Congratulations to Casson!  Long live the oceans!

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Morning Star Deli

People sometimes lament that Mashiko is not open for lunch.  “Where, oh where, am I to get delicious lunchtime fare?” they plead.  Fret no more, wonderful folks of Seattle and its surrounding neighborhoods!  We will share some of our favorite local places for lunch and beyond…

Today, we would like to let you in on a little Highland Park secret: Morning Star Deli.  Don’t let the no-longer-in-use gas pumps out front fool you.  What we have here is a real gem of a joint.  Located at 9th and Henderson, Morning Star Deli is probably on your way home from your canine off-leash excursions at Westcrest Park.

Holy crap, this place is good!  Their meats are smoked to perfection right on site.  So far, we’ve enjoyed several of their sandwiches, including Pulled Pork and Philly Cheese Steak.  The $1.59 smoked sausage makes for  a perfect snack.  With the recent addition of milkshakes, we will surely work our way through the entire menu by summer’s end.

Morning Star Deli
8855  9th Ave SW
Seattle, WA  98106
(206) 767-4918
Open Daily 10:00am – 8:00pm

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Mashiko Featured in Edible Seattle

You know who tweets a lot of fun stuff?  Becky Selengut does.  She regularly brightens our days.

Missing this issue would be a poor choice indeed.

And now this.  Becky went and wrote an insightful article about Mashiko Restaurant for the March/April 2010 issue of Edible Seattle magazine.  Our very own Chef Hajime Sato enjoyed being interviewed for this publication as Becky is always great fun to talk with about all things food.  We appreciate her fresh perspective on Hajime’s vision of sustainable sushi.  

We were absolutely delighted to see that the amazing accompanying photo was taken by none other than Kelly O.  We are huge fans of Ms. O’s work, and we are sure that you are/will be, too. 

Because we know how demanding you can be, we’ll also mention that this issue comes with a Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Sustainable Sushi Guide.

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New Year’s Eve 2010 Is Almost Here

Hey there, last-minute party people!  Have you procrastinated and/or forgotten to make plans for New Year’s Eve?  It’s not too late to make it a night to remember!  Mashiko still has a few tables available for our tasty, sustainable celebration.  Why not call now to make your reservations?  Thursday will be here before you know it… 

Nobody knows how to party like this guy.

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New Year’s Eve 2010 at Mashiko

This year, find out what West Seattle has known since 1994 – The best New Year’s Eve celebrations begin at Mashiko Restaurant!  Hajime has put together a great menu for only $60 per couple.   This sustainable dinner includes some of our most popular items to share:

1 tempting appetizer (from the sushi bar)
6 tasty pieces of nigiri
1 scrumptious roll
1 delightfully oversized bento
1 delicious desert

Reservation times for New Year’s Eve will begin at 5:30pm.  Call us at (206) 935-4339 soon as this night always fills up quickly.  We hope to be a part of your New Year’s Eve 2010 festivities!

New Year's Eve is a fine excuse to drink more sake.

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Have You Seen This Dog?

Please help us locate this missing dog.  Mashiko will add $200 to the reward offered.  Come on, West Seattle!  Please help if you can!


Champion is a white male toy poodle with lightly tinted brown ears lost on Thursday, October 8th. He is young but not a puppy. Last seen wearing a blue collar with leash. Champion is very friendly. His elderly owner is devasted and hopes you can help. She is offering $100 dollar reward. No questions asked.

Perdido! Perro [macho] tipo toy poodle color blanco con las orejas ten~idas con cafe claro. El pelo lo tiene ligeramente chinito. Desaparecio Jueves, 8 de Octobre. Llevaba un collar azul con correa. Es joven y pero no cachorro. Se llama CHAMPION. Es compan~ero de una sen~ora mayor de edad que esta devastada por su perdida. Espera que pueda ayudar a recuperarlo. Ofrece una recompensa de $100 dolares en efectivo sin hacer preguntas.

Last seen on 7th ave SW and SW Roxbury Street.
Ultima vez visto en la avenida 7 y calle Roxbury

Ana 206-920-8616 o anaalvarez@yahoo.com

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Costumes Rule

GhostCongratulations!  You’ve made it through another Devil’s Night!  How’s about heading over to Mashiko to celebrate?  We’d love to see you.  We’d love to see you in costume even more.  To prove it, we’re offering a complimentary vegetable tempura appetizer to everyone who shows up in costume this Halloween.  Mashiko will be open at 5:03pm on Saturday, October 31st so you can begin your West Seattle Halloween adventures with some delicious, sustainable delights.  We surely won’t toss you out for bringing us some candy.  Laughing at Hajime’s costume will be strongly encouraged.

P.S.  Missing our Halloween poll would be scary

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We Agree – Every Day is a Sushi Day!

Hajime likes to feed people.  Hajime also likes to educate people.  So then, how perfect was it that the nice folks from sushiday.com came up from Southern California to eat sustainable seafood and listen to Hajime speak?  With open minds and open mouths, Allison Day and Son Nguyen were an absolute delight to serve.

Prosciutto Wrapped Scallops

Rumor has it they had a scrumptious experience. Click here for tempting verification.

 The following day, Allison and Son returned to Mashiko for some (almost) one-on-one time with Hajime.  The result: a wonderfully fun interview!  Kudos to Son for so perfectly capturing Hajime’s reserved personality on film. 

Hajime Sato IV


Hajime Sato V 









Creating a sort of online sustainable sushi triptych, sushiday.com then interviewed Casson Trenor at Mashiko.  Now that is effective, efficient blogging!  Thank you, sushiday.com, for spreading the word.

Sushi Day dot com


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