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Sustainable Seafood Goes Big

We’re guessing by now that you all know our good pal Casson Trenor.  Some might call him a hard worker, some might call him stubborn.  Hajime calls him all kinds of things.  We call his latest accomplishment with Greenpeace tenaciously wonderful.

So, after eight long months of constant badgering, Costco has finally agreed to drastically change their seafood policies, with great strides towards carrying only sustainable seafood.  Please do read about it here, or be lazy and just watch the short video.  It’s about time that the big guys are catching up to what West Seattle cares about.  Congratulations to Casson!  Long live the oceans!

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Mashiko Featured on KUOW2

We just received confirmation that Mashiko Restaurant will be featured on 97.1 FM Seattle today during the 2:00pm hour.

Sustainable sushi is interesting to learn about, of course.  But eating it is really so much better.  Luckily, you can do both today!  Listen as Marnie Chesterton of Radio Netherlands Worldwide interviews our very own Chef Hajime Sato along with Casson Trenor for Earth Beat.  Then get over to Mashiko tonight for dinner.

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We Agree – Every Day is a Sushi Day!

Hajime likes to feed people.  Hajime also likes to educate people.  So then, how perfect was it that the nice folks from sushiday.com came up from Southern California to eat sustainable seafood and listen to Hajime speak?  With open minds and open mouths, Allison Day and Son Nguyen were an absolute delight to serve.

Prosciutto Wrapped Scallops

Rumor has it they had a scrumptious experience. Click here for tempting verification.

 The following day, Allison and Son returned to Mashiko for some (almost) one-on-one time with Hajime.  The result: a wonderfully fun interview!  Kudos to Son for so perfectly capturing Hajime’s reserved personality on film. 

Hajime Sato IV


Hajime Sato V 









Creating a sort of online sustainable sushi triptych, sushiday.com then interviewed Casson Trenor at Mashiko.  Now that is effective, efficient blogging!  Thank you, sushiday.com, for spreading the word.

Sushi Day dot com


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