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Art With A Purpose

When you’re hanging out at Mashiko, you’re most likely eating and laughing and enjoying the art all around you (hopefully in that order).

Did you know that much of the art on display is for sale?  Several local artists have generously donated their energy and talents to create an eclectic mix of art representing two of our favorite things:  fish and Japan.  Of those pieces, the entire selling price will be donated to your choice of several worthy charities, including the Seattle Aquarium, Seattle Animal Shelter, and West Seattle Food Bank.  Pretty cool, huh?

We are especially excited about several new paintings currently on display.  Perhaps you will find that they move you as well.  The next time you dine with us, feel free to check out the informational cards next to each piece for more details.  We encourage you to give generously, and enjoy life!

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Freedom Fantasia – Only Two Shows Left

Looking for some fabulous after-dinner entertainment for this weekend?  How lucky you are!  You still have time to get your tickets for “Freedom Fantasia“: A liberty encrusted, justice soaked, apple pie scented pageant of patriotism!  With performances tonight and tomorrow night, you have two chances to enjoy some of Seattle’s finest Fourth of July entertainment.   Hajime says you should go see it.  And you do trust Hajime, don’t you?

Ben DeLaCreme's legs are worth showing up for anytime!

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What the World Eats

Don't expect to put this book down easily.

What can we say?  We really cannot recommend this book enough.

What the World Eats lets us tag along with Faith D’Aluisio and Peter Menzel as they visit 25 families in 21 countries, observing what mealtime means to each of them.  Don’t be fooled – this is no boring textbook.  This is food and culture brought to life.  Each chapter begins with one family surrounded with a typical week’s worth of food.  From there, you are hooked.  Ever wonder what typical street vendor food might be in Ecuador?  Curious about what a kitchen looks like in Mali?  Family recipes, regional facts, and field notes are brought together in the most fascinating way.  The personal stories of each family will linger, challenging your ideas about food, family, and beyond.

And hey!  With the kids out of school, this book would be a great summer read for you to share with them.  Spending time together, having fun, and learning?  That would pretty much make you the coolest parent ever.

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Toshikoshi Soba

Sure, we all know that soba (buckwheat noodles) is very tasty.  But Hajime really wants everyone to enjoy some soba this week.  Why?  Well, it is a Japanese custom to do so.  Since ancient times, there have been many reasons as to why we cannot finish up the old year without first eating soba:
•  Soba is considered to be a bringer of good luck and family fortune.  Because soba noodles are so long, they are also thought to bring longevity.
•  Since soba is easy to bite, it is believed to sever any carryover of hardship that may have happened over the course of the past year.
•  Soba has also been known to collect fortunes.  During the Edo period, a craftsman used balls made of kneaded buckwheat to collect splattered gold and silver pieces in the working area.  He then burned the balls over a hibachi and caught the residual precious metal pieces.

For many of us, 2010 has been a difficult year.  In the spirit of moving forward in a positive way, Hajime would like to encourage as much luck as possible!  That’s why everyone is invited to enjoy a complimentary serving of soba at Mashiko from December 26th through the 30th.  Even if hardships have kept you from dining with us recently, please stop in for a few minutes to chat and enjoy a quick bite of soba.  Nothing would make for a better send-off to 2010 than to connect with friends and wish them the best for 2011!

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Pawn Stars = Perfect Television

We cannot say enough good things about History Channel’s Pawn Stars.  Chock full of incredibly random/intriguing stuff, each episode is highly educational and entertaining.  What?  You have not yet seen Pawn Stars?  How can this be?  Well, let’s get that remedied right quick.  New episodes air Mondays at 10:00pm.  If you are swift about it, you still have enough time tonight to enjoy delectable, sustainable sushi and still get home in time for the show.  You’re welcome.

You wish you were as cool as The Old Man.

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Smooth Criminal

Somehow this just gets better every time you watch it.

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Lipsology on MSN

Holy cow!  We were just casually perusing when we were delightfully surprised to see our very good friend Jilly Eddy prominently featured on their front page!

For those not yet in the know, Lipsology combines the art and science of lip print reading.  Having your lip print interpreted by Jilly is great fun.  Over the years, many a Mashiko sushi bar patron had been converted to a true Jilly believer.  It also affords big, burly men the rare opportunity/excuse to don lipstick in public without judgement.

Interested?  Curious?  Skeptical?  Read on, dear readers of things on the internet.

We’ve been big fans of Jilly’s for a very long time, and we are so happy to see her getting some of the big-time recognition that she deserves.  Way to go, Jilly!

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