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New Year’s Eve 2010 Is Almost Here

Hey there, last-minute party people!  Have you procrastinated and/or forgotten to make plans for New Year’s Eve?  It’s not too late to make it a night to remember!  Mashiko still has a few tables available for our tasty, sustainable celebration.  Why not call now to make your reservations?  Thursday will be here before you know it… 

Nobody knows how to party like this guy.


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Attention Holiday Shoppers

Are you looking for unique gift ideas that are sure to be well-received?  Would it be even better if they were merely a click away?  We’re here to help…

Encourage the sushi enthusiast in your life to take it to the next level with the gift of instruction.  Our very own Chef Hajime Sato moonlights at NuCulinary, teaching fabulously fun sustainable sushi making classes.  He is also featured in two of their three sushi making DVDs

Naomi runs a pretty nice operation over there are NuCulinary.

Gift certificates are sure to be a huge hit when they are from Mashiko Restaurant.  Come to think of it, sustainable sushi is truly thoughtful all year long.

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Mashiko Restaurant Featured in Seattle Metropolitan Magazine

Here’s a little something fun for all of you Seattle area folks:  Seattle Metropolitan Magazine just did a brief write-up about Mashiko Restaurant‘s recent switch to all sustainable seafood.

Seattle Met 11-09

Hajime makes sustainability sexy in the November 2009 issue.

We really appreciate their summary of Hajime as “a Japanese-born, traditionally trained sushi chef making sustainability seem sexy”.  Perhaps all of the drooling at the sushi bar is inspired by more than just the food.

Speaking of sexy, don’t miss out on Movember at Mashiko!  Everyone is having a great time showing off their moustaches and/or trying on ours.  The FUNdraising continues through the end of the month.

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Time Flies When You Are Getting Sustainable

Has it really been that long since last we posted?  Oh my.  Well, we have a very good reason.  We have been preparing for a very big change.  After years of thinking, researching, and planning, we are proud to announce that we are mere days away from being a completely sustainable sushi bar.  Sustainability is good for the oceans and good for your tastebuds.  Do you doubt us?  Come on by.  We’ve got the dishes to prove it.  But wait until after Friday.  We will be closed on Friday to wrap up a few things.  Come Saturday, we’ll be ready to rock your mouth.  Until then, check out our fancy press release:


Mashiko Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar
4725 California Ave S.W.
Seattle, WA  98116
(206) 935-4339

Media contact:  Betty Sukeban
Tel:  (206) 331-8034

Seattle‘s Mashiko: The First Established Sushi Bar in The World to Go Sustainable

SEATTLE, Washington (August 13, 2009) He’s breaking the model of sushi chefs being behind the sustainability curve.

Hajime Sato, chef/owner of West Seattle’s esteemed Mashiko will make the switch to seafood that is sustainable on August 15, 2009.  A few (darn few!) sushi joints have opened their doors as sustainable, but Mashiko will be the first established, successful sushi bar in the world to make the switch.

 “I have always had so much respect for the oceans.  Learning about some of the common fishing methods left me no other option — Mashiko had to go sustainable.”  Chef Sato continues, “The process has been so inspirational.  Instead of just cutting things from the menu, there are now more unique options than before.”

With information available from so many sources, Chef Sato’s sustainability education will be ongoing.  He has put his head together with the Seafood Watch department at Monterey Bay Aquarium.  Chef Sato is in close contact with the experts at Select Fish, the seafood division of Whole Foods Markets.  He is also consulting with noted fisheries analyst Casson Trenor, author and “sustainability guru” for San Francisco’s groundbreaking Tataki Sushi & Sake Bar.

“The sushi industry draws from some of the most depleted fish stocks on the planet,” Trenor said recently.  “The five most popular sushi items in the United States — long-line tuna, farmed salmon, imported shrimp, farmed freshwater eel (unagi), and farmed Japanese amberjack (hamachi) — are all generally unsustainable.”

Vowing that this is no green-washed marketing ploy, Chef Sato will make Mashiko fully responsible.  He says, “Sushi lovers will be surprised how delicious sustainable choices can be.”

Sushi done conscientiously can include B.C. spot prawns, domestic albacore tuna from the North Pacific, hand-lined yellowfin tuna, farmed California striped bass, suspension-farmed Hokkaido scallops, farmed almaco jack (kampachi) from Hawaii, farmed Washington State Coho salmon, and much more.

Mashiko, well reviewed and thriving since 1994, is known not only for its classical sushi but also for Chef Sato’s innovative departures. The hot menu has always been known as one of the most interesting and unusual in Seattle.  Hours M-Th: 5:32pm-9:30pm, Fri: 5:32pm-11:00pm, Sat: 5:03pm-11:00pm, Sun: 5:03pm-9:30pm

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Do you love sushi? Do you love your dog?

Of course you do!  Now, why are you staring at us blankly as if that is somehow a weird combination of things to love?

Mashiko Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar is proud to announce that Chef Hajime Sato has finally made it to the big time!  The current issue of City Dog Magazine features a unique recipe for sushi that Hajime has developed especially for dogs.  But this is no ordinary recipe, ladies and gentlemen.  Hajime is a very purposeful man, you see.  Utilizing ingredients that are smoked or otherwise preserved, Hajime has created a culinary canine delight that stays fresh for an entire day without refrigeration.  It is perfect for dogs on the move.  Hajime’s sushi for dogs is not only nutritious, it is truly desirable.  Just ask his resident taste testers:


 For the recipe (complete with more fancy pictures by J. Nichole Smith), pick up a copy of the Winter 2009 issue of City Dog Magazine.  Then prepare to enjoy all of the strange looks you will get when boldly declaring, “I make sushi for my dog”.


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News from Mariah

Hello all, this is Mariah I haven`t left you for good. I am “researching” Japan for a little bit. I will try to keep you all up to date on my travels. Right now I am in Tokyo with my mom. She will be with me until the 23 and then she returns to Seattle while I venture on to Osaka. Wish me luck, so far no major problems. There have been some very helpful people assisting me with directions. I am taking many pictures to share with you all. See you soon.
:) Mariah


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We Like it Strong and Unsweetened

Because you are our friend and we care for you deeply, we want to share with you our recent discovery of Teavana at Bellevue Square. A great shop with a terrible, terrible name, Teavana carries an assortment of loose leaf teas. One would not expect to find such lovely teas en masse at a mall, yet there they are. The aromas dare you to not take some tea leaves home. Can’t wait? Select any tea and have a cup brewed for you on the spot. If you are lucky you will be assisted by the adorable Loryn, who is both passionate and knowledgeable.

Blooming Tiger tea comes in the form of a little ball.  Once the ball is steeped, it opens up to reveal a flower.  Beautiful to look at and drink!

Blooming Tiger tea comes in the form of a little ball. Once the ball is steeped, it opens up to reveal a flower. Beautiful to look at and drink!

At there is a beginner’s guide to choosing, brewing, and enjoying loose leaf teas. Teavana has locations across America and in Mexico. A retail chain that offers a variety of quality loose leaf teas is a rare and wonderful find.

Now that you are craving delicious teas, we want to let you know that Mashiko is now offering two amazing new teas. For your sipping pleasure, Hoji Cha is a unique roasted green tea. Our Organic Jasmine Pearl is so fragrant and flavorful. Both are great for warming up and winding down after a long day.

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