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Attention Holiday Shoppers

We know that you love giving Mashiko gift certificates for all manner of occasions, especially during the holiday season.  Rumor has it they are very well received!  Our fun t-shirts and baseball caps are available as well.  Still, we want to make you aware of another easy way to give a memorable gift this year.

You may have noticed the eclectic mix of art on the walls in our dining room.  Did you notice that much of the art on display is for sale?  Of these noted pieces, the entire selling price will be donated to your choice of several worthy charities.  We are currently featuring art donated from several talented local artists.  Each piece is framed and ready for gift-giving goodness!  Current pieces include fine photography, collages, and paintings.  We also have Japanese sumi paintings created by our very own Chef Hajime Sato.

We are proud supporters of many charitable organizations, including Seattle Aquarium, Monterey Bay AquariumSeattle Animal Shelter, and West Seattle Food Bank.  We encourage you to support your favorite organizations however you can, all year long.

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West Seattle Food Bank

Some of you may already know that we are big supporters of the West Seattle Food Bank.  Along with providing groceries, the West Seattle Food Bank also provides a variety of infant and toddler supplies, pet food, personal hygiene items, books, gardening information and supplies, voter registration services, and referrals to other social services.  Whew!  That is a whole lot of good that is being done for our community!

We understand that times are especially tight for many right now.  Being able to donate time or money may not be an option for some.  But we have great news!  There is an alternate way to support the West Seattle Food Bank.  We were delighted to read this blurb in their latest newsletter:

“Your receipts from Metropolitan Market and West Seattle Thriftway can be turned into cash.  Send us your receipts and we will then submit them to these stores for a 1% donation of the pretax total.”

Holy smokes!  Just think of how quickly that would add up if we could get all of the shoppers of these fine supermarkets to just mail in their receipts.  The moment it takes to address an envelope can add up to so much more.  Please participate if you can.  Better yet, encourage your neighbors to do so, too!

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Sushi Class for Tsunami Relief

We were just talking with our good pal Susan over at Dish It Up.  Do you know Susan?  She is such a treat.  But anyway, the thing is that Susan was telling us that there are still several seats available for their Sushi Rolls for Tsunami Relief class coming up on Wednesday, May 11th.  Why, that’s just next week.

Here’s the deal on why this class really needs to be completely full:  Sure, it will be loads of fun learning to make some sustainable sushi basics with our very own Chef Hajime Sato.  And of course, we know that the Dish It Up location in Ballard is full of fancy schmancy kitchen stuff that you’ll probably want.  But the real kicker is that this is a tsunami relief effort, with $20 of each student’s fee being donated to the American Red Cross.  Hajime’s instructor fee will also be donated.  Have fun, learn a bit, and contribute towards helping Japan?  Win, win, win.

Mother’s Day is this Sunday.  All mom really wants is more time with you, ya know.  How’s about making reservations for the two of you at Mashiko for dinner.  Then you can surprise her over dessert by telling her that you are both going to Dish It Up for this class!  Holy wow, she would be one happy mom.

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Mashiko Participating in Disaster Relief Fundraiser for Japan – This Sunday

It was announced last week that West 5‘s Dave Montoure was organizing a disaster relief fundraiser for the people who were affected by the tsunami in Japan.  We are proud to say that we will be participating in “West Seattle for Japan” this Sunday, March 27th.

We have chosen to raise funds while also raising awareness of the uniquely satisfying flavors of Northeast Japan.  We will be offering a bento with several items traditionally served in that region.  Specific items will be rotating throughout the night as there is such a variety of things that we want to share with the dining public!  This Northeast Japan bento will be available for only $25, with 50% of the selling price being donated to “West Seattle for Japan”.  For a more complete experience, we will be recommending regional sakes for you to try as well.  And of course, our very own Chef Hajime Sato will be on hand to answer questions about your bento, and beyond…

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An Open Letter from Hajime about the Disasters in Japan

Dear Everyone,

I’ve been swamped with questions, so I’d like to answer them first:  My friends and family are safe.  Yes, I was in Hawaii during the tsunami.  We were evacuated to higher ground for about 11 hours.  The damage ended up being minimal where I was.

Many of you know that I lived in Japan until I was 19.  This tragedy against my homeland is difficult for me to process.  Thanks to those who have sent kind words to me the past few days.  I actually spent 3 days in Sendai this past November.  It is hard to believe that Sendai is now gone.

Many survivors have no shelter in freezing weather.  Some have shelter, but don’t know the status of their loved ones.  The stores in Tokyo are already running out of food and supplies.  The nuclear situation is surreal.  Some experts say there is a good chance that more earthquakes are likely for Japan in the next few days.

People keep asking me, “What can I do to help?”.  I don’t have an answer.  If donating to the Red Cross makes you feel better, go for it.  Right now, let’s think about the victims and remember that they were living their daily lives – just like us – when this happened.  The best way for us to honor them is to make serious, permanent changes in our lives.  Live each day.  Encourage others to do the same.



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The Story of the Bluefin

We hope that everyone will watch this video and then tell someone else about it.

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Walk for the Animals 2010

Hey there, Seattle!  How’s about raising some dough for the Seattle/King County Human Society?  We’re sure they could use the help more than ever.  Besides, this looks like a pretty fun event.  And how many events do you get to enjoy with your four-legged friend(s)?

Walk for the Animals 2010 will be held on Sunday, September 26th.  Why not register online and then start training with your best friend?


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Chip Chop!

We once saw this fancy little yellow box at our local Japanese market:
Intrigued, we purchased said box. Little did we know that it contained the equivalent of snack-food crack.  A few weeks (and untold quantities) later, we are no longer able to find a way to get more of this deliciously addictive wonder treat.

We beg of you, please help.  We’re getting desperate.  If you know where to purchase Chip Chop in the Seattle area, please tell us.  Alternatively, if you know of an online source of large quantities of Chip Chop, we would appreciate the tip more than you know.  Detoxing sucks.

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UNICEF Tap Project at Mashiko

Today begins World Water Week 2010. Each year, UNICEF encourages people to participate in their Tap Project.  This nationwide campaign provides access to clean, safe drinking water to children around the world.  When you dine at Mashiko this week, we will be happy to accept your donation .  Additional donations can be made online or via text message.  Every dollar makes a difference, so please give what you can!

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Have You Seen This Dog?

Please help us locate this missing dog.  Mashiko will add $200 to the reward offered.  Come on, West Seattle!  Please help if you can!


Champion is a white male toy poodle with lightly tinted brown ears lost on Thursday, October 8th. He is young but not a puppy. Last seen wearing a blue collar with leash. Champion is very friendly. His elderly owner is devasted and hopes you can help. She is offering $100 dollar reward. No questions asked.

Perdido! Perro [macho] tipo toy poodle color blanco con las orejas ten~idas con cafe claro. El pelo lo tiene ligeramente chinito. Desaparecio Jueves, 8 de Octobre. Llevaba un collar azul con correa. Es joven y pero no cachorro. Se llama CHAMPION. Es compan~ero de una sen~ora mayor de edad que esta devastada por su perdida. Espera que pueda ayudar a recuperarlo. Ofrece una recompensa de $100 dolares en efectivo sin hacer preguntas.

Last seen on 7th ave SW and SW Roxbury Street.
Ultima vez visto en la avenida 7 y calle Roxbury

Ana 206-920-8616 o

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