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And The Winners Are…

Last month, Mashiko Restaurant held a fundraiser that required participants to have moustaches.  Here are our favorite participants:

Thanks to everyone who took part, we will be presenting the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance with a check for $896.50.  Way to kick the crap out of cancer, you sexy moustache-having warriors!

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Gentlemen, Start Your Moustaches

When we heard about Movember, we giggled and were heart-warmed all at once.  Originating in Australia, this movement uses the ever-sexy moustache as a tool to raise funds for prostate and testicular cancer concerns.  As if moustaches weren’t already cool enough.

Inspired by Mo Bros and Mo Sistas, Movember at Mashiko has evolved into a more inclusive movement.  Throughout November, we will be offering a special “Moustache Roll” that will change daily.  For every Moustache Roll ordered 100% of the selling price will be donated to the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.  You get a yummy meal and cancer gets another kick in the pants.  Everybody wins!

But there is a small catch.  To order the Moustache Roll, you must have a moustache.  Can’t grow your own ‘stache?  No worries!  Cut one from construction paper, sculpt one from pipe cleaners, or fashion one from the faux fur trim on your roommate’s winter gloves.  The more creative, the better.  Said moustache, traditional or otherwise, must be on your upper lip when ordering the Moustache Roll.  If you fail to grow/bring your own, we will have a small supply of fun reusable moustaches for you to borrow from.

The bonus round in this moustache extravaganza?  Participants can enter the Mashiko Movember Makeover Contest by letting their server take a snapshot of them in all of their moustached glory.  Come December, our staff will vote on their favorites.  The winners will have their pictures posted right here for all of our blog readers to enjoy.

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