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Hook, Line & Dinner

Our very own Chef Hajime Sato preparing sea cucumber on basic cable?  No, it’s not deja vu, we promise.  This time, he’ll be side by side with super fun host guy Ben Sargent on Hook, Line, and Dinner.  Tune in to see Hajime make this local treat on the Cooking Channel this Thursday, April 19th, at 8:00pm.  Better yet, set your DVR and watch the show after enjoying some sustainable sushi at Mashiko!
We are especially excited to see this episode as Hajime had a ton of fun filming it.  Rumor has it there may be shenanigans, possibly including motorcycles…

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Mashiko Featured on TakePart.com

If you haven’t yet, we highly recommend that you see the movie Food, Inc.  It is a fantastic documentary that exposes, and offers hope for, our food supply.

Imagine our delight when TakePart.com, the official blog for Food, Inc., approached our very own Chef Hajime Sato for an interview.  Check out how amazingly well Megan Bedard‘s profile piece captures the essence of Hajime.

photo courtesy of sushiday.com

While you’re there, you really should take a little time and check out the rest of the site.  We suspect you may find an additional thing or two of interest.  We particularly appreciate their food related topics.  Many thanks to Megan and everyone at TakePart!

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Mashiko Featured on MSN

Just a short time ago, the nice folks at MSN asked Hajime if he’d like to spend an afternoon driving around in a new car, eating ice cream, and talking about sustainable sushi.  We believe his answer was, “Hells yeah”.  For your viewing pleasure, the resulting video can be found here.  *Please note that you will have to select the “Sustainable Seattle” video by clicking on the little picture of a white bowl with waffle cones in it.  Waffle cones.  Mmmmm…

Check  out Hajime’s fancy “Insider Profile” here.

Since you clearly have enough time to click on blog links and hang out waiting for files to buffer, you should be sure to also check out the “Strange Brew” video.  It features our very good friend Angela Shen of Savor Seattle Food Tours as well as one of our favorite places to get a beer in West Seattle, Elliott Bay Brewery.

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Guilt Free Sushi Video

Summer 2010 was when our friend Shauna Mackinnon of Living Oceans Society introduced us to her associate, Tavi Parusel. The result was this video for their organization:Big thanks to Shauna and Tavi! You’re still cool with us even though you got our website wrong at the end of the video. 🙂

Also be sure to check out SeaChoice, Canada’s most comprehensive sustainable seafood program.  They rank right up there with the good folks at Seafood Watch.

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We *Heart* Traceability

One of the key tenets of sustainable sushi is traceability.  At Mashiko, we are proud to have the ever-vigilant Hajime investigating the origins of our seafood.  What?  You don’t think traceability has a direct impact on you?  Well then, please take a gander at this article.  It seems that some restaurants have been serving (we hope unknowingly) the infamous escolar in lieu of tuna.   We’re all for surprises, but getting the tuna/escolar switch would probably make us insane with, well…  stomach cramps, loose bowel movements, anal leakage, diarrhea, headaches, nausea, and vomiting.

Accidentally eating escolar may lead to other types of accidents.

We like you, and we don’t want you to get sick.  That is one of the reasons we are such sticklers for traceability.  We can identify the fish we serve as well as tell you where they came from and how they were caught.  When you order sushi, ask questions about what you will be getting.  The best sushi chefs study what they serve.  Eat well, and be well!

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Mashiko Restaurant Featured in Pacific Northwest Magazine

Every week, Pacific Northwest Magazine is included with the Sunday edition of The Seattle Times.  Today’s issue features a fun little snippet about us at Mashiko Restaurant.  Thanks for the nod, Nancy!

Pacific NW Magazine

Mike Siegel takes a tantalizing photo, no?

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