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It’s All Good in the ‘Hood

Eat Local Now

Hajime likes to promote food choices that are good for you and the environment.  Our tireless sustainable seafood superstar will be speaking at the 6th Annual Eat Local Now Fundraising Dinner on Sunday, October 11th.

If you are terribly clever and/or terribly lucky and purchased your tickets early, congratulations!  Hajime has a few things he’s looking forward to sharing with you about how tasty responsible food can be.  You will also get to sample an amazing appetizer roll created by Hajime from local and sustainable ingredients.  Enjoy all of the flavor with none of the guilt!

For those who cannot attend this sold-out event, we encourage you to take a look at Eat Local Now’s website for more information.  Feeling inspired?  Come check out the uniquely delicious ways we prepare local ingredients at Mashiko.

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