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Mashiko Featured on MSN

Just a short time ago, the nice folks at MSN asked Hajime if he’d like to spend an afternoon driving around in a new car, eating ice cream, and talking about sustainable sushi.  We believe his answer was, “Hells yeah”.  For your viewing pleasure, the resulting video can be found here.  *Please note that you will have to select the “Sustainable Seattle” video by clicking on the little picture of a white bowl with waffle cones in it.  Waffle cones.  Mmmmm…

Check  out Hajime’s fancy “Insider Profile” here.

Since you clearly have enough time to click on blog links and hang out waiting for files to buffer, you should be sure to also check out the “Strange Brew” video.  It features our very good friend Angela Shen of Savor Seattle Food Tours as well as one of our favorite places to get a beer in West Seattle, Elliott Bay Brewery.

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