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Matsutake Madness

Matsutake I

Lots of matsutake info here.

It’s matsutake season in the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

Mushroom aficionados agree that matsutakes are a unique treat.  To introduce you to this aromatic mushroom, Hajime is offering an insider special to our blog readers.  Come in for dinner between Sunday the 18th and Friday the 30th.  Tell your server “I’m mad for matsutake” and receive a complimentary matsutake tempura appetizer.  Matsutake season may be winding down soon, so daily servings will be limited.

Matsutake II

Even more matsutake info here.

To celebrate the distinctive matsutake, Mashiko is also offering something special from the sushi bar.  This delightful roll is made with butter sauteed mastutake, grilled asparagus, and avocado.  Treat your tastebuds soon.  From now until next matsutake season is a long time to have to kick yourself if you miss out.


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