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Mochi is Awesome

Everyone seems to agree – mochi ice cream is a fabulous dessert option.  But have you ever tried mochi any other way?  If not, now is the time!

Janet Takahashi creates lovely illustrations and beyond

Mochi plays a key role in the traditional Japanese New Year celebrations.  It is believed that it is very important to eat mochi around the beginning of the year as doing so will bring you good luck.  What’s that you say?  You are too cool to fall prey to superstitions?  Okay then.  Well, mochi is also incredibly delicious when prepared with kinako.  You do believe in deliciousness, don’t you?
Hajime wants you to have a lucky and yummy 2011.  Come by for dinner and tell your server that you’d like to try some mochi kinako.  After your meal, you will receive a complimentary serving.  But make haste, people.  This offer stands only while supplies last.

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