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Lipsology on MSN

Holy cow!  We were just casually perusing msn.com when we were delightfully surprised to see our very good friend Jilly Eddy prominently featured on their front page!

For those not yet in the know, Lipsology combines the art and science of lip print reading.  Having your lip print interpreted by Jilly is great fun.  Over the years, many a Mashiko sushi bar patron had been converted to a true Jilly believer.  It also affords big, burly men the rare opportunity/excuse to don lipstick in public without judgement.

Interested?  Curious?  Skeptical?  Read on, dear readers of things on the internet.

We’ve been big fans of Jilly’s for a very long time, and we are so happy to see her getting some of the big-time recognition that she deserves.  Way to go, Jilly!

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