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Mashiko Featured in Seattle Magazine

If you haven’t tried our bento yet, we really think you should.  Now don’t give us that suspicious look.  Even the nice folks over at Seattle Magazine agree.  That’s why they included a little snippet about us in their “Best Seattle Restaurants 2011” article.  Our bento is not only a true taste sensation, it is also a super value.  We like that they paired it with a masu of sake.  Sake is great, isn’t it?  It kind of goes with every meal.  Sake with every meal.  Mmmmm…

But we digress.  Mashiko diners, we appreciate you more than we can accurately express.  We want you to eat what makes you happy.  But as always, we strongly encourage you to try new things.  Why?  Because our very own Chef Hajime Sato says so, that’s why.  So, how’s about a bento tonight?

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Mashiko Restaurant Featured In Seattle Magazine

This article makes Hajime smile.

We were happy that Seattle Magazine made mention of sustainable, local seafood on its December 2009 cover.  We were excited to see the words “Sustainable Seafood” imprinted on the magazine’s spine.  And sure, we were geeked to see our very own Chef Hajime Sato smiling at us courtesy of Hayley Young.  But what left us most satisfied was the thoughtful article by Cynthia Nims.  

If you are still unsure about what sustainable seafood is or why you should care about it, please check out the article.  It is insightful, concise, and hopeful.  Heck, it even boldly dispels the misconception that all farmed seafood is evil.  Thank you for your bravery, Cynthia!

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