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What the World Eats

Don't expect to put this book down easily.

What can we say?  We really cannot recommend this book enough.

What the World Eats lets us tag along with Faith D’Aluisio and Peter Menzel as they visit 25 families in 21 countries, observing what mealtime means to each of them.  Don’t be fooled – this is no boring textbook.  This is food and culture brought to life.  Each chapter begins with one family surrounded with a typical week’s worth of food.  From there, you are hooked.  Ever wonder what typical street vendor food might be in Ecuador?  Curious about what a kitchen looks like in Mali?  Family recipes, regional facts, and field notes are brought together in the most fascinating way.  The personal stories of each family will linger, challenging your ideas about food, family, and beyond.

And hey!  With the kids out of school, this book would be a great summer read for you to share with them.  Spending time together, having fun, and learning?  That would pretty much make you the coolest parent ever.

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