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Winter Break Wrap-UP

Here we find ourselves at the very tail end of Winter Break.  Hopefully you and yours had a magnificent holiday season!  Alas, tomorrow brings the return of the usual routine.     

Feeling kind of happy but also kind of sad about no longer being stuck with the kids 24/7?  You could make tonight extra special by renting, purchasingborrowing, or downloading one of the best movies ever.
Up is a delightful choice for everyone in the family.  Even those perpetually negative teenagers will probably dig it, although they will most likely deny it.  And hey, if you just don’t have the time to watch it tonight, definitely put Up on your “to see” list.  There are still many rainy, cold nights left to come this winter. 

Dug’s Special Mission rules.

We highly recommend watching Up without any previous knowledge of what the movie is about.  That’s how you keep the surprises surprising!  But if you are into all kinds of spoilers, here you go.   Warmest wishes for a superb 2010!

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