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Hajime Wants YOU To Make Sustainable Sushi

Surely your sweetheart was delighted by your Valentine’s Day present.  What’s that you say?  Not so much?  Well then, now is the time to right that wrong by signing the two of you up for an evening filled with food, fun, and fabulousity.  Our very own Chef Hajime Sato will be teaching his Sustainable Sushi and Sake class at Diane’s Market Kitchen this coming Tuesday, February 23rd. 

Diane knows how to have fun in the kitchen.

We had considered playfully accusing Hajime of trying to teach everyone how to make sustainable sushi so that he can retire.  We then realized that teasing a strong-willed man holding a very big knife may not be prudent.

Regardless, this is a very popular class.  Register now before the few remaining seats have been filled! 


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