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New Year’s Eve 2010 at Mashiko

This year, find out what West Seattle has known since 1994 – The best New Year’s Eve celebrations begin at Mashiko Restaurant!  Hajime has put together a great menu for only $60 per couple.   This sustainable dinner includes some of our most popular items to share:

1 tempting appetizer (from the sushi bar)
6 tasty pieces of nigiri
1 scrumptious roll
1 delightfully oversized bento
1 delicious desert

Reservation times for New Year’s Eve will begin at 5:30pm.  Call us at (206) 935-4339 soon as this night always fills up quickly.  We hope to be a part of your New Year’s Eve 2010 festivities!

New Year's Eve is a fine excuse to drink more sake.

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Gentlemen, Start Your Moustaches

When we heard about Movember, we giggled and were heart-warmed all at once.  Originating in Australia, this movement uses the ever-sexy moustache as a tool to raise funds for prostate and testicular cancer concerns.  As if moustaches weren’t already cool enough.

Inspired by Mo Bros and Mo Sistas, Movember at Mashiko has evolved into a more inclusive movement.  Throughout November, we will be offering a special “Moustache Roll” that will change daily.  For every Moustache Roll ordered 100% of the selling price will be donated to the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.  You get a yummy meal and cancer gets another kick in the pants.  Everybody wins!

But there is a small catch.  To order the Moustache Roll, you must have a moustache.  Can’t grow your own ‘stache?  No worries!  Cut one from construction paper, sculpt one from pipe cleaners, or fashion one from the faux fur trim on your roommate’s winter gloves.  The more creative, the better.  Said moustache, traditional or otherwise, must be on your upper lip when ordering the Moustache Roll.  If you fail to grow/bring your own, we will have a small supply of fun reusable moustaches for you to borrow from.

The bonus round in this moustache extravaganza?  Participants can enter the Mashiko Movember Makeover Contest by letting their server take a snapshot of them in all of their moustached glory.  Come December, our staff will vote on their favorites.  The winners will have their pictures posted right here for all of our blog readers to enjoy.

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Costumes Rule

GhostCongratulations!  You’ve made it through another Devil’s Night!  How’s about heading over to Mashiko to celebrate?  We’d love to see you.  We’d love to see you in costume even more.  To prove it, we’re offering a complimentary vegetable tempura appetizer to everyone who shows up in costume this Halloween.  Mashiko will be open at 5:03pm on Saturday, October 31st so you can begin your West Seattle Halloween adventures with some delicious, sustainable delights.  We surely won’t toss you out for bringing us some candy.  Laughing at Hajime’s costume will be strongly encouraged.

P.S.  Missing our Halloween poll would be scary

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Matsutake Madness

Matsutake I

Lots of matsutake info here.

It’s matsutake season in the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

Mushroom aficionados agree that matsutakes are a unique treat.  To introduce you to this aromatic mushroom, Hajime is offering an insider special to our blog readers.  Come in for dinner between Sunday the 18th and Friday the 30th.  Tell your server “I’m mad for matsutake” and receive a complimentary matsutake tempura appetizer.  Matsutake season may be winding down soon, so daily servings will be limited.

Matsutake II

Even more matsutake info here.

To celebrate the distinctive matsutake, Mashiko is also offering something special from the sushi bar.  This delightful roll is made with butter sauteed mastutake, grilled asparagus, and avocado.  Treat your tastebuds soon.  From now until next matsutake season is a long time to have to kick yourself if you miss out.


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Be a Date Night Superstar with Free Movie Passes

Zombie movies can be a lot of fun.  Here is an instance where campier equals better.  It’s just no good when zombie movies take themselves seriously.  We just found out about a new movie featuring Abigail “Little Miss Sunshine” Breslin as a zombie killer.  We’re not sure which casting genius made this happen, but we’d like to shake his hand.

We have about a dozen promotional passes for this movie.  Each pass grants free admission for two to an advance screening of “Zombieland” at the Meridian 16 Theater in downtown Seattle on Tuesday, September 29th at 7:00pm.  Swing on by Mashiko to pick up your passes.  They will be waiting for you just inside of our front door beginning Sunday.  While you’re there, why not join us for dinner?  The Green Salad with Sashimi has been a popular choice as of late.  Perhaps it has something to do with these being the final few days of gorgeous summer weather.  Or perhaps it has something to do with zombies.  Let us know what you think.


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