Walk for the Animals 2010

Hey there, Seattle!  How’s about raising some dough for the Seattle/King County Human Society?  We’re sure they could use the help more than ever.  Besides, this looks like a pretty fun event.  And how many events do you get to enjoy with your four-legged friend(s)?

Walk for the Animals 2010 will be held on Sunday, September 26th.  Why not register online and then start training with your best friend?


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3 responses to “Walk for the Animals 2010

  1. Alyxx

    Do you have a team started?

    • Alas, we work very late on Saturday nights, therefore early Sunday mornings are not our friends. That is why we are encouraging those who keep more “regular” hours to participate!

  2. Alyxx B

    Thank you so much for letting us know about this! I’m registered (and if anyone wants to join my team it is “Sid’s Servants”)

    I wouldn’t have known about this walk – thank you for the info!!!

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