Omakase According To Dianasaur

Getting behind sucks, especially when you are behind on sharing something very cool.

We were delighted to  meet the lovely and talented Diana of Dianasaur Dishes last autumn.  Diana had made the very clever choice of having her first omakase experience at Mashiko.  As if serving her was not rewarding enough, she then went on to tell the whole world about it.  Additionally, Diana’s photo of a terribly serious Hajime at 1:18 is definitely one of our all-time favorites.
Hooray for Diana’s very informative and fabulously fun video!  And hooray for getting caught up a bit!

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One response to “Omakase According To Dianasaur

  1. It was one of the best dining experiences we ever had! I’m so glad we could share it with so many people. Thanks for being awesome Hajime!

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