Don’t Trust Your Television

Rule #19  states “Trust us, we are professionals”.  We wouldn’t attempt to reroof Mashiko because, well, we are not professional roofers.  When we learn what someone’s profession is, we hope to trust their related knowledge and judgement.

We were disappointed to read about the professionals of MasterChef.  This BBC program features chefs competing in various cooking challenges.  On a recent episode, contestants were instructed to prepare meals using European Eel as the main ingredient.  We usually encourage the use of unusual ingredients; however, the European Eel is dangerously close to extinction.

European Eel

The face of extinction?

Our hopes are that more culinary professionals will choose to excercise responsibility with regards to their chosen ingredients.  Perhaps MasterChef’s misstep will encourage others in the food industry to more carefully expand their offerings.   Getting creative with sustainable components can lead to flavorful rewards!

This relates to Hajime’s decision to no longer serve unagi at Mashiko.  The widely used Pacific Eel (Anguilla japonica) needs time to increase populations after years of overfishing.  By taking this step now, we will be able to enjoy unagi in the future.  Besides, Hajime’s unagi substitute is so good that people seem to be forgetting it’s not eel!

This is yet another reason why living your life is better than watching television.  Be sure to follow Rule #13.



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2 responses to “Don’t Trust Your Television

  1. Hey Mashiko, have you tried yet? Gindara is almost always in season for us and in my opinion, tastes even better than Unagi.

    • We’ve had the “fauxnagi” at Tataki, and it was splendid.

      Hajime tried many unagi alternatives to find the right one for Mashiko’s discriminating clientele. You should give it a try!

      We confess to also having a weak spot for gindara. Thankfully, our chefs prepare some truly amazing gindara dishes.

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