Hey, Japan! How’s About Some Sustainable Sushi?


This is what news looks like in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Better known as NHK, Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai is Japan’s national broadcasting organization.  Just last week, NHK sent a crew from Japan to visit our very own Chef Hajime Sato.  We are excited to announce that the resulting interview is scheduled to air as follows:

            11/02/09  on “Good Morning World”  at 7:30am JST
            11/05/09  on “Business Front Line”  at 11:35pm JST
            11/06/09  on “Good Morning Japan” (time TBD)

The good news is that the fine citizens of Japan are about to learn about sustainable sushi at Mashiko!  The bad news is that unless you have certain Dish Network programming packages or access to some advanced alien technology, you most likely will not have an opportunity to watch this segment.  Still, we are very proud of Hajime’s efforts and wanted to share the news with you as you have become like family to us.



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3 responses to “Hey, Japan! How’s About Some Sustainable Sushi?

  1. Guttyr

    Congratulations! I am surprised by the amount of media attention going sustainable has garnered and happy to see it.

  2. Toshi

    Hello! Today I watched the NHK in Japan, and search in google, sushi+sustainable+seattle, And found here.
    I think EDOMAE(Fishes catch in Tokyo bay) way is show to sustainable way.
    Local catched sea foods are not use the enegy and save CO2. And people care for polution of water.
    Please contact local fishermans, and find out good cooking method to local fishes!

    Thank you!


  3. ANEMY

    Hello! Nice to see you!

    I watched NHK broadcast progrum on the 2nd Nov and finally found your webpage.

    I am thinking about sustainable world and try to find the one in Japan which is the same as like your shop.

    I am also going to introduce your shop a friend of mine all over the world.

    Hope your shop would be prosperous business.

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