Mashiko Restaurant Featured in Ibuki Magazine


"It's about finding what's plentiful and local and serving it in the most mouthwatering way possible."

The last time you dined at Mashiko, you probably happened upon Ibuki Magazine.  Available just inside our front door, Ibuki is the brand new “Japanese Inspired Food and Lifestyle Magazine” for Seattle, Bellevue, and Portland.

Ibuki is a really nice option for those of us who have an interest in said food and lifestyle yet sadly lack the ability to comprehend the Japanese language.  In its glossy pages, local Japanese-related news and events mingle with reports straight from the motherland.

Bruce Rutledge, Ibuki’s Editor-in-Chief, recently sat down with our very own Chef Hajime Sato.  Bruce came prepared with a plethora of questions about Mashiko’s switch to all sustainable seafood.   The result is a fancy featured article (complete with photo by J. Nichole Smith) in Volume 2 of Ibuki Magazine.  Thanks, Bruce, for helping to spread the word about sustainability!

If you haven’t yet, now is a great time to check out Ibuki Magazine.  Do you still need more convincing?  My, you are a stubborn one, aren’t you?  Ibuki Magazine is also a free publication.  There.  Now go pick up the Winter 2009 Issue.  We think you’ll enjoy it almost as much as you enjoy our Jasmine Crème Brûlèe.


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