Sustainable Sushi Meet & Greet – Seattle Chefs Collaborative

Chefs Collaborative  is a national organization with some pretty nifty ideas.  Our favorite: ” Our Vision:  As a result of our work, sustainable practices will be second nature for every chef in the United States.”  How cool is that?  Although it does kind of make our goal of losing five pounds seem insignificant.
Hajime was delighted when the Seattle Chefs Collaborative asked him to participate in their Sustainable Sushi Meet & Greet event.  Regretfully, a scheduling conflict is keeping him from attending the event.  In lieu of Hajime’s presence, attendees will be treated to sustainable appetizers created at Mashiko and presented by the lovely and talented Naomi Kakiuchi.
All of Seattle Chefs Collaborative events are by invitation only.  If you are involved in the local food industry here in Seattle, we encourage you to get in touch with them.  Even if you are not a food industry professional, you will surely be impressed by their principles and goals.

Geoduck is local, sustainable, and yummy.

Geoduck is local, sustainable, and yummy.

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