Intrigue and Delight Expected as Hajime Appears on Food Network this Thursday

It’s true!  Our very own Hajime Sato is a guest chef on this week’s episode of “Extreme Cuisine with Jeff Corwin”.  Prepare to watch in awe as Hajime magically transforms a freshly harvested sea cucumber into tasty fare.

Don’t let their name fool you.  Sea cucumbers are not vegetables.  They are, in fact, oddly interesting oceanic creatures of the deep.

Sea Cucumber

Know your food! Click on the sea cucumber to learn more.

The show airs Thursday, October 8th at 9:00pm PST on Food Network.  We strongly encourage pre-show tailgating to include dinner at Mashiko.  As always, reservations are highly recommended.  Don’t forget to set your DVR!

Extreme Cuisine


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2 responses to “Intrigue and Delight Expected as Hajime Appears on Food Network this Thursday

  1. Mr. E

    Hajime was WONDERFULL on TeeVee. Great segment, lotsa smiles! Gotta get me some Sea Cucumber!

  2. Guttyr

    Recorded and watched as directed. Happy to see others enjoy the delicacy, but equally happy to pass up on our next visit. Surprised to see how much the pressure at depth changes the sea cucumber’s form at standard atmospheric pressure. Glad to see Hajime get the exposure. Shame they couldn’t mention Mashiko by name in the episode. Congrats to all!

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