Do you love sushi? Do you love your dog?

Of course you do!  Now, why are you staring at us blankly as if that is somehow a weird combination of things to love?

Mashiko Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar is proud to announce that Chef Hajime Sato has finally made it to the big time!  The current issue of City Dog Magazine features a unique recipe for sushi that Hajime has developed especially for dogs.  But this is no ordinary recipe, ladies and gentlemen.  Hajime is a very purposeful man, you see.  Utilizing ingredients that are smoked or otherwise preserved, Hajime has created a culinary canine delight that stays fresh for an entire day without refrigeration.  It is perfect for dogs on the move.  Hajime’s sushi for dogs is not only nutritious, it is truly desirable.  Just ask his resident taste testers:


 For the recipe (complete with more fancy pictures by J. Nichole Smith), pick up a copy of the Winter 2009 issue of City Dog Magazine.  Then prepare to enjoy all of the strange looks you will get when boldly declaring, “I make sushi for my dog”.



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5 responses to “Do you love sushi? Do you love your dog?

  1. Mark

    Do you have a recipe for cats? And do you have permission from the magazine to publish on the web? Thank you.

  2. Mark

    BTW, love the link to the Rising Yoshida brothers Shamisen rock.

  3. sushiwhore

    Hajime has not yet perfected a recipe exclusively for cats. May we be so bold as to point out that in the above photo, his cat sure looks interested in the dog sushi. Perhaps it would be best branded a multi-species meal?

    The recipe is available exclusively via City Dog Magazine. We suspect that one night when the moon is full and you sit at the sushi bar, promise to try something new, and ask Hajime very, very nicely that he might share the recipe with you.

  4. Constance

    I’ll see if I can find a copy of the magazine. I’m sure both Lily and Eleanor (the new cat) will appreciate it.

  5. Charlie

    Awesome! We have a subscription to City Dog! Any chance you’ll have a day/night meal you’d be able to bring your dog along for?

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